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Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness is conveniently located at the intersection of Rt 29 and 198, just minutes from I-95, Columbia, Laurel, Beltsville and Silver Spring. More Info
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March is Women’s History Month and we decided to give a well-deserved spotlight to the “Mother of Physical Therapy”, Mary McMillan! Mary McMillan began practicing in physical therapy when it was first introduced in 1918 at Walter Reed hospital in Washington D.C. McMillan was not given proper space for physical therapy, therefore she administered treatments to patients on the hospital wards and utilized porch space for group exercise. Physical therapy was known as a new spe...
Posted on 2018-03-20
The winter olympics are right around the corner and a common, well-known winter sport is snowboarding! This invigorating sport is often compared to skiing, but the way you’re utilizing your body is quite different. For example, when skiing you are shifting from side-to-side whereas snowboarding involves twisting and turning motions from the front and back planes. Before getting into the common injuries, let’s discuss some snowboarding injury preventative measures: Beginner learni...
Posted on 2018-02-07
Often times we have patients enter our clinics who are displeased with their sleeping patterns when undergoing pain from their injury. According to various studies, sleep and pain are two components that can affect one another in a negative manner. Specifically, studies have shown that patients with chronic back pain have shown a significant amount of troublesome sleeping patterns. Physical therapy is a proven nonpharmacologic treatment to improve pain and sleeping disturbance when undergoing ...
Posted on 2017-12-20
Hooray! The holiday season is here full of love, cheer, and foods you may not often consume on a day-to-day basis. One thing people may not know or understand, is certain foods can cause immediate inflammation, or swelling, after consumption. The inflammation will lead to pain in specific regions causing discomfort. The following are commonly consumed foods that increase inflammation: Processed sugars - Excess amounts of sugar in your body, also known as glucose, can increase pro-in...
Posted on 2017-11-22
Happy National Physical Therapy Month everybody! All month we nationally celebrate the profession of physical therapy, so let us inform you of this dynamic and continuously growing career field. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, Physical therapists examine patients and develop a plan of care that promotes movement, reduces pain, restores function, and prevents disability. The physical therapist utilizes a team effort, working with the patient, family members, and other h...
Posted on 2017-10-16
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