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Osteoarthritis of the knee occurs when two types of cartilage at the knee wear away. The articular cartilage is the cartilage that lines the bones that make up your knee joint to help decrease friction. The fibrous cartilage acts as a shock absorber at the knee. This is also called the meniscus. Once the cartilage has worn away, the bones move closer together and can rub against each other during knee movements. This can lead to painful and sometimes audible popping, grinding or clicking with mo...
Posted on 2021-03-24
Life can seem pretty hectic right about now. Eight months ago, a pandemic shut down our usual lives, some of us were thrown into a work from home situation. We had to pull together a makeshift workstation where we hoped we could get some work done. Unfortuantely, others were pushed into furloughs or job lossess that took its toll on us mentally. On top of that many of us have children thrown into the already crazy mix. Luckily, back then school was almost over and we just had to ride it out unti...
Posted on 2020-11-03
How do physical therapists diagnose and treat lower back pain? Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions physical therapists treat, and far too often that back pain has been chronic for years before a patient seeks out therapy. Many factors can contribute to lower back pain. In order to treat the pain effectively, the physical therapist performs musculoskeletal tests and compares symptoms to determine factor or factors causing the pain. Treatment in physical therapy cannot be &ldqu...
Posted on 2016-08-17
Every March, a certain craze sets in: symptoms include increased basketball spectatorship, a little gambling and if you’re lucky, more opportunities to eat delicious food at your local sports bar. Whether you follow your favorite college basketball team all season (Go Terps) or you design a hasty bracket and hope for the best, March Madness puts basketball on our hearts and minds (and wallets). As physical therapists and avid sports fans, we hate to see players injured. Frequent movements...
Posted on 2016-03-31

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