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The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has healthcare providers across the country re-evaluating the best way to care for their patients. In recent press conferences, the US Government has urged both patients and providers to consider the use of telehealth platforms for all appropriate medical services, and we at Forever Fit are committed to providing the safest access to physical therapy we can. Despite the continuation of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, we are still seeing clients i...
Posted on 2020-12-16
How do physical therapists diagnose and treat lower back pain? Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions physical therapists treat, and far too often that back pain has been chronic for years before a patient seeks out therapy. Many factors can contribute to lower back pain. In order to treat the pain effectively, the physical therapist performs musculoskeletal tests and compares symptoms to determine factor or factors causing the pain. Treatment in physical therapy cannot be &ldqu...
Posted on 2016-08-17
If you struggle with recurrent headaches, the list of possible causes can be daunting. Pain of any type that occurs in any part of the head falls under the broad definition of “headache.” Headaches can be a symptom of a different health problem or caused by temporary chemical imbalances in the brain. Headaches can be also stem from poor posture. We spend our 9-to-5 sitting at a desk typing away and our free time scrolling our smartphones; these lifestyle factors keep the head and ...
Posted on 2016-06-24
Pain is a normal, healthy process that keeps our body safe. Localized pain is experienced when a part of your body encounters danger or harm. Like an alarm system, the nerves in that area start firing rapidly, alerting the brain to the problem. The brain is in charge of strategy and action -- turning on muscles that pull your hand off of a hot surface, helping you run from a goose that bites you, or convincing you to finally make that doctor or physical therapist appointment. So maybe you hav...
Posted on 2016-01-29

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COVID-19 updates.