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Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness is conveniently located at the intersection of Rt 29 and 198, just minutes from I-95, Columbia, Laurel, Beltsville and Silver Spring. More Info
The first visit will consist primarily of a comprehensive examination. This will include questions about your injury and general medical history. More Info

Krista Frederic MPT, OCS founded Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness LLC in 2010 with the goal of creating an atmosphere in which both patient and therapist could flourish. In creating a culture of active listening, compassion, education and collaboration, she discovered patients reached their goals faster and therapists and staff were more engaged and enthusiastic about their work.

As Forever Fit PT has grown into a larger organization with multiple sites it was paramount to Krista to maintain that enthusiasm and collaboration that resulted in success in our first clinic. We want therapists who enjoy contributing to company success, growth and development. To that aim, we have worked to develop models that allow therapists the ability to pursue their passions in practice from pelvic health to golf rehab and pilates. We have regular opportunities for therapists to collaborate within the company for clinical growth as well as to broaden their roles and scope of business operations. For those who are most energized by these opportunities we have partnership and equity roles in our expanding business.

If you want more for your physical therapy career than showing up and checking the productivity box each day, Forever Fit PT wants to talk to you!

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