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At Forever Fit, we strongly believe in prevention of injury and dysfunction through maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. As owner, Krista Frederic has established a culture within Forever Fit that places special focus on the individual, not just the injury. 

Our team performs comprehensive injury evaluations and takes the time to develop a thorough understanding of each patient’s anatomical structure, environment, and lifestyle. This attentiveness is the key to successful physical therapy outcomes.  As a result, Forever Fit’s clients enjoy a truly individualized wellness experience with an inclusive treatment plan of exercise and manual therapy. 

But most importantly it is our team’s attention to patient education on their bodies and their injuries that makes Forever Fit’s patients comfortable with their recovery plans, insures their active involvement in the recovery process and makes patient referral Forever Fit’s most important and reliable source of new clients. We take our patients feedback very seriously, and you can find several anonymous feedback forms on our Surveys Page.

Our Commitment to Our Patients: 

Helpful, professional, friendly staff

Compassionate and knowledgeable Physical Therapists

Educational emphasis on self-care between appointments

Indidivualized treatment plan tailored to YOUR goals and feedback

Convenient appointment times in the early morning, after work, and weekends

A pleasant, clean, and welcoming healing environment

Respect for your time such that your appointments begin on time


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