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Lower Back Pain When Walking: When Is It Serious?

Lower back pain when walking: When is it serious? Lower back pain can cause a significant strain on your daily activities. Whether it’s walking the dog, playing with your kids or sitting at your desk for hours, even the most routine tasks can become difficult when you are dealing with chronic aches and pains in your spine.  For many people, this pain in the lower back can show up or even worsen during walking. If that’s what you’ve been experiencing, you’re not a...
Posted on 2022-10-19

Can COVID-19 Cause Ongoing Lower Back Pain?

Can COVID-19 cause ongoing lower back pain? The short answer — yes, COVID-19 can cause ongoing lower back pain that lasts long after your other symptoms disappear. If this is something you’re experiencing, you’re not alone. This question was one of the most searched questions on the internet for 2021 and 2022, and researchers are just now beginning to understand the correlation between ongoing back pain and COVID-19 infection.  While the Centers for Disease Control and...
Posted on 2022-10-12

Can Neck Pain Cause Dizziness?

Can neck pain cause dizziness? Neck pain on its own can be difficult to live with, but neck pain with dizziness can make even the most mundane daily tasks almost impossible to complete. If you’re experiencing both of these symptoms, you likely have a lot of questions about what caused this pain and dizziness to crop up in the first place and how hard it will be to fix it. Neck pain and dizziness is not entirely uncommon, so if you are experiencing these symptoms, you are not alone. The...
Posted on 2022-10-05

Tips For Managing Arthritis During The Winter Months...

Tips For Managing Arthritis During The Winter Months...
Tips for Managing Arthritis During the Winter Months… In case you were wondering, Yes!!! It’s true! Cold weather does have an adverse effect on arthritis. Many studies have shown that the symptoms of arthritis do increase as the temperatures drop. In the winter, you may find more achiness, stiffness and general pain in joints. But fortunately, there are things that you can do to help ease the pain that the cold brings.  Get Moving!  The less you move...
Posted on 2022-02-08

Online Physical Therapy: What is it?

Online Physical Therapy: What is it?
The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has healthcare providers across the country re-evaluating the best way to care for their patients. In recent press conferences, the US Government has urged both patients and providers to consider the use of telehealth platforms for all appropriate medical services, and we at Forever Fit are committed to providing the safest access to physical therapy we can. Despite the continuation of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, we are still seeing clients i...
Posted on 2020-12-16
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